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                 CCW Qualifications and Blue Card Exams

       We specialize in teaching Ladies, Retirees, and                   beginner shooters in a private, quiet environment.

One on one instruction always available.

We offer firearms training for the beginner to the experienced looking for a refresher or the advanced looking to hone their skills.

                  These are our current class offerings:


Introduction to Handguns - This is a three hour class introducing you to semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. Learn firearm safety and shooting fundamentals.  Call for Appointment.  

My First Firearm - Just get a new handgun?  Bring it, along with a box of ammo and learn to shoot it with confidence in a quiet and private environment. This is a three hour class.  One on one instruction.

Basic Pistol - Every Saturday - This is the class you need for Connecticut Concealed Carry.  This class is held once a week beginning in April.  You may bring your own firearm and ammo.  This is an eight hour class, bring your lunch!  This is a non-NRA course.  

NRA Range Safety Officer - Become an asset to your club. This teaches you to supervise shooters and run range activities. This qualifies as an NRA Instructor rating.  Call for date if not posted on this page.

NRA Home Firearm Safety - This class is great for folks who live with firearms.  Learn how to unload, secure and store handguns as well as long guns.  Great for all ages. This is a non-shooting class.  Call for date

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim -  This is a three-four hour seminar teaching common-sense tactics to help avoid becoming a victim of crime.  We cover the home, travel, motor vehicle, banking, technology and more! Great for ages 12 and up.  This is a non-shooting seminar.

If our class dates conflict with your schedule, CALL US!

We are happy to accommodate YOUR timeframe, just give us two or three dates that work for you or your group and we can make it happen! 

Ladies only classes always available. Classes taught by women for women only, just tell us if this is what you would prefer! 

Do you need to qualify for your CCW?  We do that too!

Give us a call, we provide the target and notary service to complete your application!

We specialize in teaching first time shooters.  Private classes always available.  

We also offer non-shooting programs for those with firearms phobias.

Learn to live in comfort, with a firearm in the house.

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      Upcoming Courses

     Our next  Basic Pistol Class will be held on 

                           Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Basic Pistol Shooting Course

General Info

Course Title: Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Class Dates/Time:

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Register By:

December 23rd, 2017



Initial Deposit:


Address to send your deposit:

Lyd Neugent

Post Office Box 914

Ashaway, RI  02804

Instructor Info







Contact Name:


Course Outline 

This is an eight hour course beginning at 9AM and concluding around 6PM. It includes classroom and range time. Students will learn the rules of safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation; ammunition, shooting fundamentals, range rules,  two handed standing shooting positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. 

Bring your lunch and snacks and soft drinks. To confirm your seat, please remit your $50.00 deposit by the registry date to: Lyd Neugent, Post Office Box 914, Ashaway, RI 02804 to be received prior to class. 

To register for this class, give us a call at 401-377-8184 or just send an email to Lyd@SIRTtraining.com


Stay tuned for another………..

Shooting and Firearms Educators 

     New! - Because you asked for it!!

 S.A.F.E. Practical and Tactical Survival


Date:  To be announced                     Duration:  9AM-5PM                     Course Fee:  150.

Location:  To be announcedI

Prerequisite:  Basic to Intermediate Level Shooter 

This class is perfect for those who have completed Basic Pistol and want to learn more!

             There shall be NO live ammunition allowed in the classroom under any circumstances.

Topics to be covered in this exciting one day course:

Street Survival Skills The legal right of self defense and a claim of justification How to speak to the police and avoid criminal charges How to report a deadly force incident How to avoid situations in which you may be at risk ◉   Everyday living security strategies ◉                         

                                                                  ~~  One hour break for lunch ~~

Use of low levels of force and non-lethal devices ◉  Weapons of opportunity Use of a firearm in self defense of your home ◉  Use of a firearm outside the home Tactical Firearms Drills on the range ◉  Questions and Answers

To participate in these drills, you MUST be legally allowed to possess a handgun.  The live fire portion of this class shall be approximately three hours in duration.

You will need your gun, any caliber, semi-automatic or revolver. NO single action unless it has a decocker.  Also a quality, strong side holster, 200 rounds of factory ammunition (NO reloads) and your eye and ear protection.  A S.A.F.E. Certificate of attendance shall be issued upon completion.

The Instructors:

Ken Wilkinson, Founder of SAFE, NRA Instructor network, NRA MTC former State Police Officer and Court recognized expert witness on use of force issues. Ken has trained numerous Instructors for the NRA and currently is certified by the Sate of Connecticut to qualify and train Armed Guards and Bail Enforcement Agents. He is a member of Bradford Sportsman's Club in Charlestown RI.

Lyd Neugent, NRA Instructor, S.A.F.E. Instructor and author of Basic Handgun Theory and the S.A.F.E. Basic Pistol Course.  Lyd is the first instructor to bring the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar to Rhode Island and teaches this course in the State and Federal Court Systems and for private enterprises.  She is a firearms instructor in Ashaway, RI specializing in private marksmanship lessons, personal protection, concealed carry, ladies only and seniors only classes and remedial rehabilitation from traumatic firearm related incidents. 

What to bring to class:  Snacks, soft drinks, your lunch, firearm, safety equipment and factory ammunition.

To Register:  Send your $50.00 deposit when the dates have been announced!

Ken Wilkinson                                                 Call or email Ken or Lyd with any questions

8 Regatta Drive

Niantic, CT  06357