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As a dealer for Next Level Training®, we are offering  the SIRT® 110 Performer for $190.00


                That is $205.00 DELIVERED TO YOU*.

Features of the Performer:  Polymer slide

4 ounces lighter than a comparable live fire gun and the SIRT® 110 Pro

Dual laser  Red/Red indoor and low light training

Functional features of the Glock® 17/22

Standard Sights

One weighted training magazine

Next Level Training® Introductory Training DVD

Click HERE for the video of Mike Hughes, the inventor of the SIRT® and founder of Next Level Training® demonstrating the SIRT®.

         This is a must-have training tool for everyone.

  Lets just think about a typical training scenario.  Your time is valuable but you still want to get in a few training shots as often as you can, right?  To do this, most of us have to pack up our gear, make sure to buy ammo (when we can find it at all), and then drive to the range.

When we get there, we are reminded that there will be no rapid fire, no shooting from holsters and definitely no shooting on the move.  Well, okay here we go.  We get done and drive back home feeling like we were robots out there.  All we did was expend ammo and not get a full training experience.    

With this SIRT you can make up for what you cannot do on the range.  In the privacy of your own home as well.  You will get instant feedback on shot placement and you will be able to diagnose trigger and grip issues as you train.  SIRTS are weighted to emulate the Glock 17/22 and will give you a full training experience without the expense.

For firearms instructors, this is the ultimate in training tools for your students.  The dual lasers allow you to diagnose incorrect habits right from the first time the student handles the SIRT.  You will have them on the road to excellence the very first time they pull the trigger.

Want to know more?, click HERE for the SIRT® Answers To Your Questions.


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  SIRT® Pistol  RED/RED  $205.00 

               This SIRT includes shipping.  SOLD OUT!!!! 


     SIRT® Pistol Red/Red

This SIRT does not include shipping and will be picked up by you in Ashaway, Rhode Island        

$190.00                SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!


SIRT AR BOLT   $130.00 




     Extra Magazine   SOLD OUT  $21.00


 Extra Magazine, No Shipping SOLD OUT  $21.00


     3 Pack of Extra Mags SOLD OUT $60.00




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